excerpt from Travels with the Wing

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Across the United States
(excerpt from Ksana-Kai's Travels With the Wing)

I say good bye to valley towns
where little people go
the Shenandoah river blue
seems like a snake below
The eagle takes me Ďcross my land,
my sweet Virginia
her Shenandoah mountains lie
in Appalachia
He tells me tuck your head in tight
into my golden wings
Iím flying supersonic, but
the air to you wonít sting
Along the way where buffalo
once roamed the grassy plains
and native tribes of Indians
once thrived upon its grains
A world reduced by colonies
leaves less a place to live
a planet to be habited
must all the species give
across the Colorado lands
of mountains, lakes, and streams
so beautiful with awesome views
to fill your wild dreams
These granite buildings carved by sand
with hidden passageways~
Some artist guided by the wind
whose stones upon we gaze
itís funny how a mountain range
lies near the Midwest states
Ozarkan critters down below
each one with its own mate
the white tipped deer are out†
in droves
some elk and rabbits too
chipmunks, and minks, and
wild bears
add to this outdoor zoo
In deserts where the heat†
waves dance
above a blue mirage
letís seek out all its animals
to make a live collage
The Wing tells me to bare†
in mind
Mohave rattlesnakes
their poison can put you†
to death
of that make no mistake
Less harmless Gila monsters†
though poison venom make
they spend most time beneath
the ground
and seldom seem awake
Letís go to California
where giant redwoods grow
and see the great Sequoia trees
sprout like Pinocchio
The tallest buildings scrape the sky
just like these giant trees
the highest branches touch the sun
too high for me to see
I heard it said that cars could drive
through tunnels bored in trunks
I pity anyone who drove
that car if they were drunk