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The Raven
(excerpt from Ksana-Kai's Travels With the Wings)


The twilight morning echoed far

Like crows distressed in fright

such raucous wrought before the dawn

what cause could be the fight?


Just then I heard a gentle scrap

a rapping like a limb

perhaps the wind had struck a match

of branches rubbing hymns


Like violins a chanting call

so softly through the door

and tugged upon my heart to seek

the ventures ‘yond the fore


Some shadow rustling like a crow

of Edgar Allen Poe

it seems I called it through my dream

this early morning woe


And peeking out beyond the door

the stillness of the air

just crickets and a morning moon

I sensed a quiet stare


“Who’s there?”  I called into the dark

It echoed, “Come ashore.”

the phantoms of a child’s mind

a wind and nothing more


I tucked myself beneath the sheets

to lease me from this ‘mare

as surely I had wished too much

and said a silent prayer


I chanced an undercover peek

Into the black of night

a raven dressed in tuxedo,

which gave a frigid fright


It stood in silent velvet prim

and kindly did implore

I’m here to grant your wish

to you

and ask, “Do come ashore.”


The golden eagle flew away

to chase the crow decoy

let’s go before the Wing returns

lest no trip you’d enjoy


And our haste is swiftly made

upon the Argent’s wing

(Argentavis magnificens, believed extinct)

let Papo bark from down below

It’s time to do a fling


And SWOOSH! they flew

as shadows black

dispersed in twilight’s guise

a distant speck upon the sky

a grain it seems in size


T’was only Papo saw the site

of Cuddy taking flight

they left despite him giving chase

he barked with all his might


The Golden eagle yelped and yelped

it gave an urgent cry

when coming home and finding gone

the child was too spry


The eagle’s cry awoke the house

with terrible alarm

the panic stricken family

did search with flaying arms


This, as they heard a barking dog

alert us all aright

twas only Papo saw the site

of Cuddy taking flight


And only Wing could see the speck

of grain against the cloud

a grain with wings appeared to flap

like linen or a shroud


This errant fragment in the breeze

surreal as it seems

twas Cuddy riding on a ship,

which prompted Mom to scream